Best Tips for Dog-Friendly Interior Design

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Goldendoodle puppy showcases dog-friendly interior design.

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Owning dogs doesn’t have to clash with having a beautifully decorated home. By incorporating dog-friendly interior design elements, you can make your home equally stylish and practical. Check out these tips before you begin to decorate, and you’ll both be wagging your tails in no time!

What is dog-friendly interior design?

Dog-friendly design means incorporating elements into your home that are easy to care for while still looking great. Think about the materials you use, such as fabrics on couches, curtains, and flooring, as well as the layout of your home. Is it easy to bathe your dog? Can you access your dog’s food storage without hiking to it from the kitchen? By adding these elements, you can make your home easier to navigate without sacrificing looks.

Opt for performance fabrics

Even the most well-behaved dog can get messy. When picking out fabrics or carpeting, look for durable ones. Will they stand up to a dog jumping onto them multiple times? Do they fray or catch on nails when walked over? Can they be easily washed? Look for stain-resistant fabrics that can be spot-cleaned or tossed in the wash without causing damage.

Pick beds with washable covers

In addition to the fabrics on your bed, think about the fabrics used for your dog’s bed as well. Picking a bed that has a washable cover can make it easier to clean if your dog is muddy or has an accident. Look for ones that have a zipper or snaps to make them easy to remove. Some beds also have zippers on the stuffed portion. This can make it easy to replace stuffing as needed if the bed flattens over time. Need more information on dog bed selection? You can also check out our dog bed guide.

Designate a doggy dining area

Having a dining station for your dog can make mealtimes a breeze. Think about the storage of your dog’s food, treats, and medications in addition to the layout of their food bowls. An all-in-one station that houses food and bowls can work well in a small kitchen. Larger storage bins that roll can make lugging around a large amount of food easier. You’ll also want to spring for bowls that are easy to wash, such as metal or dishwasher-safe ceramics.

Create a dog-washing station

Many homeowners are adding dog-washing stations to their laundry rooms. This dog-friendly interior design element makes it easy to wash your dog without having to drag them to the bathroom or use a hose out in the cold. Often, these are placed right by the back door and include a removable shower head for easy cleaning. It’s great if you have a dog that loves to get muddy on rainy days. And, if you’re wondering how often you should wash your dog, you can check out our canine bathing guide.

The next time you’re thinking about redecorating, be sure to take some time to look into dog-friendly interior design elements. By incorporating easy-to-clean fabrics and stations for your dog’s daily needs, you can reduce the hassle of cleaning while maintaining a beautiful home.


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