The Complete Guide to Hands-Free Leashes


Whenever you’re out and about, it’s important to always keep your dog leashed. Hands-free leashes are a great alternative to traditional ones, giving you the ability to still move around and use your hands while keeping your dog safe. Learn more about why they might be right for you.

What are hands-free leashes?

A hands-free leash allows you to use your hands while walking your dog. Traditional leashes require you to hold onto the loop at the end. These instead connect around your waist, over your shoulders, or to your bike to allow your dog to walk or run beside you. 

Who are hands-free leashes for?

Hands-free leashes are a great tool. They’re beneficial for people who are active joggers or bikers, or anyone that needs to use their hands while moving about. They’re also a good alternative for people with injuries or mobility issues, allowing pet parents to attach the leash to their mobility device or around their waist as needed. Parents with young children can also use them while also pushing a stroller, making walking the dog more convenient. And, if you just want to enjoy your morning coffee while out on a walk, these can make it possible.

How to choose a hands-free leash

When choosing a hands-free leash, you’ll want to consider a few things first. Think about the size and breed of your dog. Heavy pullers may need a different leash or harness to make it easier to walk. The material of the leash is also important. You want one that fits comfortably around you without pinching or rubbing. Finally, consider when and where you walk your dog. If you’re in heavy traffic or low light, a leash with reflective patches or bright colors is important.

How to use a hands-free leash

Training yourself and your dog to use a leash is easy. Be sure to get your dog used to the leash before you use it by attaching it to them and walking around your house or yard. If your dog seems nervous, offer a few treats and praise as you move around. You also want to make sure the leash fits snugly around your waist. It should be tight enough to not slip off, but comfortable enough to breathe and move about.

Here are some items worth checking out:

Reflective Crossbody Leash

This crossbody leash fits over one shoulder and around the waist, making it more comfortable to wear. It’s great for small to medium-sized dogs without a lot of pulling power. Get it now on Amazon.

iYoShop Hands-Free Dog Leash

Fitted around the waist, this leash also includes a fanny pack to easily store treats, water, and other needed items when out and about. The bungee cord style also makes jogging a breeze. Get it now on Amazon.

TAKSIN Ultimate Hands-Free Double Leash

This two-leash system makes it easy to jog with multiple dogs at once. In addition, the leash features a storage pack to keep extra treats or needed items. Get it now on Amazon.

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Dog Leash

This leash offers durable construction along with reflective patches sewn in, making it a great choice for jogging in the early morning or evening. Get it now on Amazon.

SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

A great choice for medium to large-sized dogs, this stylish leash also comes with a storage case so you can hang the leash out of the way when not in use. Get it now on Amazon.

Hands-free leashes are a great way to exercise with your dog. Now that you know all about them, check out our dog breed guide to find pups who love long walks! You can also read up on creative ways to make dog walking more exciting.


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