5 Practical Dog Jackets for Keeping Your Pup Warm This Winter

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There are a lot of jacket options for dogs out there. Like, a lot. It can be difficult to know which are for style and which are actually useful for keeping your dog warm. Luckily, we’re here to tell you the difference.

Here are five practical dog jackets to help protect your pup from the winter elements.

KYEESE Windproof Padded Sherpa Jacket

Price: $

Ideal for dog parents who: Take their dog for walks in a cold city or suburban area.

The KYEESE Windproof Padded Sherpa Jacket is sure to keep your dog warm, and dare we say it’s quite fashionable, too. It has adjustable velcro components as well as a hole for a leash. Sizes range from Small to XXX-Large. with the largest still retailing for under $30.

Carhartt Duck Insulated Coat

Price: $$

Ideal for dog parents who: Have a working dog, like a livestock protector or hunting dog.

This jacket from Carhartt is no joke. Although this company traditionally makes clothes for working humans, a working dog can also benefit from Carhartt clothing’s durability. This jacket comes in five colors: three earth tones, camouflage, and bright orange. If you have a hunting dog, bright orange is a good choice.

RUFFWEAR Jacket/Harness Combo

Price: $$$

Ideal for dog parents who: Like to have their dog accompany them on hikes or other outdoor sports.

RUFFWEAR has a variety of dog jackets, but this one is our favorite. It’s not restrictive in the leg area, so dogs who like to hike with their parents have a full range of motion. It also doubles as a harness, so there’s no need to layer a harness underneath the jacket. Their sizes range from XX-Small to X-Large.

Vecomfy Fleece-Lined Hooded Jacket

Price: $

Ideal for dog parents who: Like to take their dog everywhere they go.

This adorable jacket from Vecomfy is cozy and stylish. If you like to take your dog everywhere you go, they’re sure to turn heads in this getup. It’s not ideal for working dogs or going on hikes, but for a dog who just likes to hang with their people, it’s the perfect fit.

EMUST Quilted Dog Jacket

Price: $

Ideal for dog parents who: Like to take their dogs to the park.

Available in a variety of colors (13, to be exact), the Quilted Dog Jacket from EMUST is a solid option for dogs who are mildly active. This is an ideal jacket for dogs who like to romp in the park or go for a chill hike. There is also a convenient zipper to allow for harness connection.

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