Where Families in Need Can Find Free Dog Food

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free dog food

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Due to the rising cost of living and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling to care for their pets. If you’re among them, there are several potential solutions to explore before surrendering your beloved companion. Organizations and businesses nationwide are stepping up to assist pet parents in need with everything from free dog food to reduced-cost veterinary services.

Dog food can be expensive. And in the past year, prices have increased more than 9%. To help families bear the burden, many organizations are providing free food, including:

If you don’t currently need help caring for your pet, lend a hand to others. One way to do so is to donate food to your local pet food bank. If there isn’t one in your community, consider starting one. You can also talk to local grocers and pet supply retailers about saving dented or recently expired food and donating them to a shelter. Or, make a public online wish list via or and share it on social media to gather items to donate to a shelter, food bank, or family in need.


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