How To Create the Perfect Dog Room

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A Weimaraner puppy relaxes in their dog room.

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Creating a space for your dog where they can rest, relax, and hang out when you’re away from home can help reduce stress and anxiety. Dog rooms are a great alternative to using a crate, and also a great option for puppies and dogs still getting used to your home. Here’s how you can create the perfect dog room.

Choose the right room for your dog

It’s important to pick a room that works for your dog’s needs. Ideally, the best room is one that is quiet and away from loud noises, easy to clean, and customizable. Laundry rooms are a great option as tiled floors are easy to clean in the case of an accident. Gated-off kitchens can also make a great spot, giving your dog room to move around while still providing a spot for food and water. 

A spare bedroom can be a good spot if your dog is house-trained or trained to use a doggy litter box. However, if your dog is a messy eater or drinker, you may want to set up an easy-to-clean corner of the room with a low table or placemat for dishes to avoid ruining any carpet.

Make your dog room welcoming

Once you’ve picked the perfect spot, it’s time to make it cozy. You’ll want to have a few key items on hand. These include a comfy dog bed, food and water dishes, and a selection of toys. For toys, pick items that are safe to be left unattended with your dog, such as a puzzle or chew toy that can’t be easily swallowed. A small TV or radio can also be beneficial to play soothing music or sounds while you’re away. 

If you’re also crate or potty training, you’ll want to place your dog’s crate, potty pads, or doggy litter box in the room as well. Make sure they have access at all times, and that they know this is the spot to go potty in if they need.  Finally, you can add in a few extra touches, such as natural lighting, lamps, or a plush rug to lay on. However, if your dog is an anxious chewer, make sure the rug isn’t something they can tear apart and swallow.

Safety tips for your dog room

Safety is important when designing your dog’s room. Make sure the room has good ventilation and air circulation. An air filter can also help reduce any odors from an accident in the room. If the room has windows or doors, make sure they’re secured and can’t be easily opened by your dog. You also want to make sure any dangerous plants or toxic items are removed from the room or placed in a locked cabinet that is out of reach.

Keep your dog room clean

Finally, keeping your dog’s room clean will help keep it inviting and safe for your dog. Placemats are great to put under food and water dishes to easily clean up any messes. Designate an area for your dog to go potty if needed. This can include a potty pad or access to the outdoors with a doggy door to reduce mess. Be sure to spot-clean any messes with an enzymatic cleaner that is pet-safe. And, do a complete scrub of the room monthly.

Make your home more dog-friendly

Creating the perfect dog room is just the first step in making your home dog-friendly. Now that you’ve gotten started, be sure to read up on dog-friendly interior design. Or, learn how to make your yard dog-friendly for the ultimate oasis for your pup!


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