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Puppy To Become Bomb-Sniffing Dog After Rescued From Box


A pup called Freyja and her four brothers were abandoned mere days after birth. Nina Baker of Bayou Animal Services recently recounted their fortunate rescue. She stated that a compassionate individual discovered them behind a dumpster in a cardboard box, averting potential tragedy. 

Freyja and her brothers were found in a cardboard box behind a dumpster

The five pups had infestations with fleas and worms, presenting a dire condition upon arrival, as per FOX 26 news. Nina Baker, Shelter Director and Director of Happiness at Bayou Animal Services revealed information about the discovery of these canines. She also said, “Thank goodness they were found before anything tragic happened.”

Nina recounted, “They were in really bad shape, dehydrated… So, we started working on getting them better.” Following approximately a month of care at Bayou Animal Services, Freyja found a forever home with Justin Larsen. 

Additionally, Larsen explained, “I glanced down at her, and there she was, all smiles, with her tail wagging… Absolutely and utterly obsessed with me and my family.”

Freyja is being trained as a bomb-sniffing dog

By day, Justin is a dog trainer and the proud owner of Furry Heroes Dog Training. He swiftly recognized Freyja as a dog that thrives on purpose and responsibility. 

“As we were out on a walk one day, I just noticed she was nose-obsessed,” Justin stated.

Currently undergoing training as a bomb-sniffing dog, Freyja’s journey has taken a remarkable turn. In addition to Freyja, Justin also rescued another dog called Chance. He had found himself at a shelter after enduring the cruel fate of becoming a bait dog. 

Moreover, Justin revealed that Chance had been his service dog for seven years. “I would say he’s saved my life multiple times,” he said. A disabled Marine Corps Veteran, Justin acknowledges struggling with PTSD and other medical ailments. He further added, “He’s told me when I’m about to have a seizure… Up to 30 minutes before.”


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