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Firefighters Rescue Dog With Head Stuck in Tire Rim in New Jersey


A dog was in a predicament after getting their head stuck in a tire rim in southern New Jersey. The Franklinville Volunteer Fire Company (FVFC) came to the rescue of Daisy, an 11-month-old pup, who was visibly distressed. With their skillful precision, the officials managed to free the dog from the harrowing ordeal.

New Jersey firefighters rescue dog from tire rim with plasma cutters

Department officials disclosed on Friday, Mar. 22, that Daisy’s owners had initially tried to free the dog using soap and water, as per USA Today. Subsequently, they reached out to the volunteer firefighters for assistance.

The FVFC posted a photo capturing the peculiar situation on Facebook, People reported. In the picture, the dog’s head protruded through the center of a large Firestone tire while emergency crews supported it from below.

Despite attempts with “soap and water” proving futile, the emergency crews persisted in their efforts to free the canine. Eventually, a breakthrough occurred when one of the FVFC lieutenants used his “personal plasma cutter” to cut Daisy loose from the tire rim successfully.

Additionally, a video taken by the police was posted showing multiple emergency crew members in a garage. They could be seen surrounding the dog and trying their best to release her. To ensure Daisy’s comfort and safety, rescuers carefully draped two blankets around her neck as a protective measure.

After that, one of the crew members used a plasma cutter to carefully remove a section from the top of the tire. As a result, sparks visibly emanated from the process. 

A member of the emergency crew directed another to secure a collar and leash around the dog as a precaution in case she attempted to flee. The team continued cutting a section of the tire rim above the dog’s head until a sufficient gap was created to free Daisy. 

Carefully, one of the members guided the dog out of the tire, enveloping her in blankets for added comfort. Sharing an update on the canine’s well-being, FCFV stated, “Daisy was not injured and is doing well!”


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