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Missing Dog Found Duct-Taped in Dumpster in Nebraska


In a shocking incident in Omaha, Nebraska, a missing dog was discovered on Monday, April 15, duct-taped and left abandoned inside a dumpster. As details of this harrowing ordeal have unfolded, questions have arisen about the people responsible for this cruelty as well as the wellbeing of the dog involved.

Duct-taped dog found abandoned in dumpster in Omaha

The Nebraska Humane Society dispatched animal control to Sweet & Associates, an accountancy establishment near 132nd Street and West Center Road, at around 10 a.m., as KLKN-TV reports.

A staff member at the firm thought she heard a raccoon rustling within the dumpster. Instead, she found a small dog covered in duct tape. Most alarmingly, the dog, Leo, had his entire head duct-taped. Additionally, someone had taped his front legs and hind legs. 

Kevin Wiederin, who assisted in rescuing the animal, stated, “I have never seen anything like it.” 

Animal control swiftly transported the canine to the Nebraska Humane Society, as per WOWT. Subsequently, the staff administered sedation to the dog to facilitate removing the tape. 

The humane society informed local news outlets about the dog’s situation. They said, “He has some mild skin irritation, but once un-taped, [he] wagged his tail [and] perked up.”

Once Leo became free from the duct tape, the shelter found his owner via the microchip in his body. It turns out that his owner, Erin Dillon-Pasillas, notified the authorities on Thursday, April 11, about Leo’s disappearance. Erin had presumed that Leo might have escaped while she was dropping her son at school. 

In addition, Erin shared that she and her family searched the entire weekend tirelessly for their beloved dog. On Monday, she visited the humane society to check if Leo was there. 

She was checking the stray dogs at the shelter when she found that her dog was there. In her words, “I got a text from PetLink, because he’s chipped, that he was there while I was there.” 

Dillon-Pasillas expressed relief as she and her family welcomed back their 1.5-year-old Cavapoo, noting his sound health. However, she grapples with the suffering he endured.


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