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Actress Kelly Ripa Expresses Concern for Pet Dog ‘Chewie’

Living with a senior dog comes with its fair share of worries as actress Kelly Ripa can attest.

In a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the talk show host opened up about how worried she is after watching her senior pup, Chewie, have a bad day due to age-related challenges. Ripa and her co-host/husband, Mark Consuelos, are deeply fond of Chewie, their 17-year-old Shih Tzu.

Kelly Ripa worried about senior pet dog after she had a ‘bad day’

On Tuesday, Mar 26, Ripa sparked a conversation about Chewie, first asking Consuelos whether he also noticed how off the senior dog seemed the previous day.

“You know, I don’t know if you noticed yesterday,” Ripa said during the live show, as reported by PEOPLE. “Our dog Chewie — who is very, very old now — was really disoriented.” Ripa went on to add that she was worried about Chewie, revealing she wished she was at home by her pup’s side.

“Like, I’m still, I’m concerned,” Ripa stated. “Like, I don’t want to be here. I feel like I need to go home.”

Ripa explained to Consuelos and the audience that Chewie “walked into a wall yesterday” and “fell over.” Seeing her senior pet struggle to that extent, she said, has taken an emotional toll on her.

“It’s just one of those things, you know, when your dog starts to get old. It’s torture. It’s really torture. Because she can’t tell you,” Ripa narrated.

Consuelos acknowledged his wife’s sentiments and took a moment to assure her of Chewie’s well-being.

“But she’s 17 years old, so she was just having a day,” Consuelos responded.

Choosing to remain on the brighter side, Consuelos reminded Ripa that Chewie still appears cheerful despite everything. Moreover, an optimistic Consuelos pointed out that Chewie “jumped up on the bed last night and was sleeping between us,” suggesting that their cherished dog still has her happy moments.

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