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Ariana Madix Accuses Tom Sandoval of Nearly Killing Her Dog

During a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix accused Tom Sandoval of nearly killing her dog. Sandoval explained that the dog had a history of ingesting hazardous items found around their home, including 500 laxative pills. Ariana countered, stating that she had to rush Mya to the emergency vet after Sandoval was allegedly irresponsible with the dog, resulting in the need for an endoscopy.

Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix blames Tom Sandoval for being irresponsible with dog

An episode of Vanderpump Rules that aired on Tuesday, Mar. 26, showed Ariana Madix publicly bashing Tom Sandoval, as US Weekly reports. She accused Sandoval of endangering her dog, Mya. 

However, 41-year-old Sandoval defended himself by explaining that Ariana’s rescue dog had a track record of consuming dangerous things in their home. 

In his words, “We had some issues with our air conditioner, so I had to go into the main bedroom and close the vents. The door got left open, and Mya went in there and ate some weird stuff.” 

Additionally, she has consumed items including laxatives, pillows, and hair coloring, according to him. Despite Ariana’s evident frustration, Sandoval maintained that such occurrences were accidents beyond his control.

Ariana, meanwhile, offered a contrasting perspective on the matter. She confided in Lala, revealing that she had to hurriedly seek assistance for Mya after leaving the dog alone with Sandoval.

Ariana stated, “The reason I wasn’t at my house is because I was at the emergency vet because he was so insanely irresponsible with my dog… She had to have an endoscopy.”

The issue arose when Sandoval left Mya unattended in Ariana’s room while she was away. Ariana noted that he entered her room where she had a takeout counter and he not only allowed Mya to enter, but he left her there for hours. Consequently, she consumed everything. Continuing, she added, “I was home for all of 30 seconds before I rushed her to the vet. The bill is $6,000.”

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