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Dog Photographer Captures Pups as They Age


A dog photographer from Massachusetts is gaining recognition for a special canine portraiture endeavor called the Dog Years Project.

Dog photographer takes pics of pups over several years

Amanda Jones is the self-proclaimed “America’s Favorite Dog Photographer.” She has 25 years of pet photography under her belt and takes pics of pups all over the country.

But it’s her Dog Years Project that makes dog lovers misty-eyed. That’s because it involves taking pics of pooches when they’re puppies and revisiting them when they’re seniors.

According to BuzzFeed, Jones initiated the project following the death of her longhaired Dachshund, Lily Jones.

“I had photographed her throughout her entire life so I had great images of her from the day I brought her home until the day she passed away,” the dog photographer told BuzzFeed.
Jones created a memorial card with some of those images, and it struck a chord with her friends and family.

“Naturally, I thought my clients might enjoy revisiting a portrait session with their own aging dogs. I was definitely right about that!” she said.

The result has been some very touching imagery that shows how much dogs – and sometimes their owners, too – change over the years. And yet, the images also show how much spirit these pups retain despite their greying muzzles.

Though Jones says the dogs don’t seem to remember her from one session to the next, this “labor of love” is still an emotional project for her.

“I love seeing them as seniors!” she said.

Check out some of the precious pics from the Dog Years Project below!

Eleanor the Pug: Photographed in 2014 and 2020

Ruby the Vizsla: Photographed in 2007 and 2016

Schumacher the Beagle: Photographed in 2006 and 2014

Katy Koo the Scottish Terrier: Photographed in 2012 and 2022


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