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Rescue Dog Starts New Role as Therapy & Gun Detection Dog


A dog rescued from a life of cruelty early last year has defied all odds to become a certified gun-detection and therapy dog. The canine is now working with the Plainfield Police Department (PPD) in Indiana. PPD enrolled the Boxer Mix rescue named Newt into their canine police program, where she underwent hours of training to sharpen her gun detection and therapy skills.

Rescue dog ‘Newt’ inducted as therapy and gun-detection dog in Indiana

Newt’s past was anything but glamorous. According to Fox59 News, the Boxer mix’s previous owner subjected her to untold abuse for quite a while. Thankfully, things took a positive turn when Plainfield police officers rescued Newt from her cruel owner in April of 2023.

She had multiple injuries resulting from acts of animal cruelty when authorities took her to the Hendricks County Animal Shelter for specialized treatment. Fortunately, a once-emaciated Newt eventually made a full recovery.

While at the shelter, a PPD K9 handler took an interest in Newt. According to the news outlet, the handler noticed Newt had “certain qualities making her a candidate for PPD’s unique canine program.”

Ultimately, the PPD took in Newt and paired her with her K9 handler, Josh Jellison, for further training on gun detection and therapy work. Last week, Newt earned her certification as a gun detection and therapy dog for Plainfield schools.

Now, Newt is officially part of the PPD’s school resource officer program, where she’s using her skills to make an impact.

“Newt will have the opportunity to reassure children who have been victimized — a living testament to the ability to overcome adversity,” the PPD stated in a new release. “Who better to help the victims of crime than someone that has been one herself?”

PPD officer Rob Prichard, who took part in Newt’s rescue last year, emphasized that shelter dogs like Newt have great potential and deserve a chance.

“You see what she came from, and you see what she is now, and there are so many dogs at so many shelters that this could be their story too,” Prichard said while referring to Newt’s journey from zero to hero. Prichard stated that most shelter dogs often go “overlooked” even though they “still have so much to offer.”


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