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Olivia Culpo Wants Dog ‘Oliver’ To Be Part of Upcoming Wedding


Olivia Culpo‘s wedding preparations are gaining attention due to a heartwarming addition — her cherished dog! In a recent Q&A session, the model shared her desire for her beloved Goldendoodle, Oliver, to play a role in her upcoming nuptials with her fiancé Christian McCaffrey. While answering a fan’s question, she confirmed that her wedding would not be complete without Oliver by her side.

Olivia Culpo wants her dog to participate in her wedding ceremony

The Instagram Q&A session was held on Mar. 29, when Culpo shared a few details about her wedding with her fiancé, as People reported. A fan asked her if her dog, Oliver, would be attending the wedding. To which the model and influencer affirmed with a resounding “Yes.”

In addition, Culp revealed her plans for having Oliver at the wedding. “I really want him to be the ring bearer,” she expressed while sharing a picture of the pup. However, Culpo also disclosed that Oliver’s role is still undecided, writing, “tbd lol.”

As a matter of fact, the dog’s full name is Oliver Sprinkles Culpo McCaffrey. Moreover, he has his own Instagram account with more than 22,000 followers. 

In the same Q&A session, the model delved into additional specifics regarding her forthcoming wedding to the San Francisco 49ers running back, who proposed in April 2023. Among the topics discussed was the “most difficult thing” about the planning process.

As Culpo stated, the most challenging aspect is the guest list. She emphasized the constraints imposed by many venues on the number of attendees.

Additionally, Culpo divulged in a separate post that her wedding dress is still in the design phase. She said, “I don’t physically have the dress but I’ve been designing for months. I can’t wait for the finished product!!”

Thus, the former Miss Universe eagerly anticipates marrying her “best friend” and starting a family with McCaffrey.


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