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Has the Dog Food Brand Issued a Recall?


In the pet food sector, recalls play a crucial role in protecting the health and happiness of our beloved canine friends. Typically, either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the pet food company in question takes action to recall a product once it’s identified as posing a risk to pets’ well-being. If you’ve been wondering about potential recalls of Ollie dog food, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Pet food recalls can stem from a range of issues, such as the detection of chemical or biological contaminants, undisclosed allergens, nutritional imbalances, or the inclusion of foreign materials. For dog owners, staying informed about the safety of their pet’s preferred food is paramount to ensuring their furry companion’s health. 

Has Ollie recalled its dog food in 2024?

As of 2024, there are no recalls affecting any Ollie dog food products. This assurance reflects that all of Ollie’s products are meeting the FDA’s stringent regulations for quality and safety. Hence, if your dog’s diet includes Ollie food products, you can be rest assured that there’s no cause for concern. 

However, it’s better to be completely sure before you feed your dog any brand’s products. Therefore, we recommend visiting the Food and Drug Administration website for accurate information about dog food recalls. 

When was the last Ollie dog food recall?

Ollie, a renowned name in the pet food industry, has proudly maintained an impeccable record of never facing a recall. This steadfast commitment to quality and safety underscores Ollie’s dedication to providing only the best for our beloved pets. 

Now, let’s discuss the ingredients of Ollie dog food. This dog food prioritizes turkey breast as its primary ingredient, providing essential amino acids vital for canine health. Kale, abundant in nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamins, complements the formula, potentially offering anti-cancer properties. Lentils provide quality carbohydrates and fiber, and also contribute to protein content. Carrots and turkey liver further enhance its nutritional value. 

Upon analyzing its ingredient list, Ollie emerges as a superior wet dog food option. The brand boasts an average protein content of 35% and a mean fat level of 22%, indicating a carbohydrate content of around 34% across its product range.


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