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Chained Dog Finds Freedom & Thrives in Loving Forever Home

In a heartfelt tweet thread, Niall Harbison shares a dog’s remarkable journey. Buster was a chained dog who overcame tremendous adversity. Harbison saved Buster by freeing him from chains and providing him with much-needed healthcare. 

Buster was on a chain for “years”

Harbison explained in his tweet thread that Buster had spent years trapped in a chain. In August 2023, Harbison finally liberated the canine from his confinement. However, it was a challenging process to negotiate his release, as he was deemed dangerous. 

When Harbison freed Buster, the dog was in a deplorable state. His ear was filled with congealed blood and had to be amputated, while his tail was afflicted with numerous fungal infections. In addition, Buster’s entire body was covered in sores from prolonged exposure to the cold concrete. All this clearly highlighted the extent of his neglect and suffering. 

Buster’s recovery and how he is doing now

Buster’s health journey takes a positive turn. He lost his ear but now enjoys going on walks and newfound pleasures like savoring the scent of flowers. Thus, this showcases his resilience as he thrives.

Contrary to initial assumptions of aggression, Buster is a gentle soul, displaying affectionate behavior towards fellow dogs. Moreover, he loves his freedom and has made many new friends.

Recently, someone adopted him and took him to his forever home. There, he receives endless spoiling and affection from his adoring new owner. 

Consequently, Buster’s transformation serves as a reminder of the goodness in the world. From a chained dog to peacefully resting in his loving home, it’s evident that any dog can turn into a big ball of love if given proper care. 

Harbison said of Buster in the tweet thread, “His story is complete.” Hence, Buster’s story is a powerful testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative impact of compassion. 

Niall Harbison lives in Thailand. He has made it his mission to save as many stray dogs in Thailand as possible.

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