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Alaskan Pit Bull Terrier Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts


The Alaskan Pit Bull, like most breeds, needs daily exercise to feel content. With that being said, their exercise requirements are much higher than most similar-sized breeds. Ideally, this breed should receive at least an hour to two-hour long walk daily — but that isn’t enough to tire them out entirely. Additionally, they enjoy indoor or outdoor play like fetch or tug-of-war, and a fenced backyard to burn off that energy is pretty much a must-have for the breed. It is almost impossible to keep this breed satisfied without a « job » to do, such as agility, herding, or other outdoor work. The Alaskan Pit Bull is not a good fit for apartment dwellers, as they easily become vocal due to their Alaskan Malamute heritage, whether they are discontent or just expressing themselves, and their boundless energy makes them unsuitable for small spaces.


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