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20 Dogs Rescued from Meat Trade in China


After being saved from China’s meat trade, twenty rescued dogs are given a second chance at life. 16 Golden Retrievers, two Corgis, one Poodle, and one Malamute are among the dogs that were saved. The rescued dogs are scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles this Tuesday to be paired with future adoptive families.

Activist efforts save lives of dogs

According to KABC Los Angeles, China Rescue Dogs, SPCA International, Seven Golden Retriever Rescues, and WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil worked together to rescue the dogs from the meat trade in China. While many countries participate in the international dog meat trade, the most famous dog meat event takes place each year in June.

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival takes place annually at the beginning of summer in Yulin, Guangxi, China. Although the event marks the summer solstice, it is not a traditional celebration. The festival launched in 2009 in an effort to boost dog meat sales. The event spans around 10 days, beginning on June 21. Before this, Yulin did not have a history of commercial cat or dog meat sales.

Over the course of the Yulin festival, thousands of dogs (and cats) are reportedly consumed. The festival’s highest recorded number of consumed dogs was 10,000. The number has declined in the last few years. This may be due to work from activists and social media campaigns. Although there is widespread opposition, supporters of the festival question why eating dog meat is any different from eating other types of meat. Nevertheless, the trade has drawn criticism for the cruel treatment of living animals. Many are reported to be stolen pets and stray animals.

Survey suggests support to end international dog meat trade

Fewer than 20% of Yulin residents oppose a ban on dog and cat meat, according to a recent survey shared by the Human Society International ahead of China’s Yulin festival. 70% believe it would not significantly affect their lives, as a low percentage of residents often consume dog meat.

Vshine, the Chinese partner organization of Humane Society International (HSI), campaigns globally to end Asia’s dog meat trades. Vshine commissioned Suzhou Zhongyan Science and Technology Inc. to conduct the survey. HSI and Vshine hope the results will show the Yulin government that there is widespread support for taking action to end the cat and dog meat trade. Activists continuously work to end the meat trade as they rescue dogs from death and cruel conditions.

Due to the global efforts of activists, many dogs have been given a second chance at life. For the lucky rescue pups in Los Angeles, there is a new life ahead.


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