5 Creative Ways To Make Dog Walking More Exciting

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Dog walking is a great opportunity to spend some real quality time with your pup. You get to explore nature, take a break from work, maybe take a family member or friend with you too – what’s not to like? After all, some people even do it as a job!

However, sometimes it might get slightly boring. Perhaps you take the same route every day, or you’re always in a rush and don’t have time to really let your dog enjoy their surroundings. 

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make walking your dog more exciting. Keep reading for our top five!

Switch up your dog walking route 

If you’re always taking the same route, why not consider making some changes? Is there a park nearby that your dog would love, but you haven’t gotten around to visiting yet? Or, perhaps there’s something exciting going on in a nearby neighborhood that you’d like to check out. 

Either way, making a change to your route is sure to make things more fun for you and your pup!

Socialize with others

Maybe you enjoy dog walks when it’s just you and your pup. But why not stop and chat to other dog owners on your way around? They might really welcome the company, and you (and your pup) could even make a new friend. 

Similarly, if you have a friend nearby and your dogs get on well, you could walk them together! Or, bring your partner or children out with you for some quality time on your walk. 

Let your dog sniff

When you’re in a hurry, it can be frustrating if your dog wants to stop and sniff everything. But it’s actually good for dogs to let them sniff – being such an important sense for them, it provides plenty of mental stimulation. 

And while they’re sniffing around, you can stop for a minute and take in your surroundings too. You might notice something you’ve never picked up on before. 

Alter your pace

Do you always walk your dog at the same pace every time? Why not switch it up?

Many people go jogging with their dogs. Of course, not every dog will be suited to jogging or running – you wouldn’t want to go for a run with your senior French Bulldog, for example – but some dogs are perfect!

Or, again, if you’re always in a rush and walking briskly, consider slowing down occasionally to allow you and your dog to really absorb the world around you. 

Raise some money while dog walking

There are apps like ResQWalk and Wooftrax which allow you to raise money for animal rescue organizations, just by walking!

Simply hit start when you set off on your walk, and they’ll track your progress. They’ll base donations on performance and distance. 

Sometimes, the time might not be right for a more exciting walk. But, when you’ve got the time and energy, an exciting walk can really brighten up the day for you and your dog. 

While on your walk, why not help to mentally stimulate your dog further by playing some games, too? Bring some treats for a treasure hunt, or create a makeshift obstacle course with benches, stairs, trees – whatever you find.

It’s time for you and your dog to spend together however you like, so there’s no harm in being creative!

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