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YouTuber IShowSpeed Blames Dog for Selling Rare Player in Game


YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” recently landed in an expensive pickle after appearing to unintentionally “quick sell” a valuable Cristiano Ronaldo card from the Team of the Year in EA FC 24. This top-tier card, estimated to be worth around 13 million coins, was recently bought by the live streamer. However, caught up in celebrating with his dog, he unwittingly got rid of it.

IShowSpeed blames his dog for selling TOTY Ronaldo in EA FC 24

It took the YouTuber several minutes to become aware of his error. Once he realized his costly card was missing, he rewatched his stream footage and realized he had inadvertently sold the Ronaldo card. In a humorous twist, he jokingly attributed the blunder to his dog, which he appears to have bizarrely nicknamed the “N-word.” He exclaimed, “N****, you quick sold him!”

The TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo card — recently introduced with an impressive 95 rating — is among the most sought-after cards in the EA FC 24 market. Only bested by the TOTY Kylian Mbappe card, worth 15 million coins, and the Brazilian Ronaldo Icon Card, valued at 13.65 million coins, it’s among the highest in value.

Watch iShowSpeed’s dog “selling” TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo

IShowSpeed’s dog may have borne the brunt of his blame, but the evidence suggested the streamer himself likely mishandled the controller, causing the fumble. However, he was able to rectify the situation eventually after some effort. The streamer leveraged a feature on the FUT app, which allows users to recover cards they may have accidentally sold. It should be noted, though, this recovery action is constrained to a specific timeframe.

You can check the video below. Note: This video includes profanity.


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