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XL Bully Owner Feels ‘Even Worse’ Complying with New Ban Rules

The recent law passed in England and Wales against XL Bully breed dogs has sparked much frustration among dog parents. In particular, the regulation — which required all owners to register their dogs as dangerous — has been disheartening to Ellee Keegan. Keegan is an XL Bully owner from Rubery, Worcestershire, who felt she had been forced to label her loving pet as something he’s not.

XL Bully owner finds the rules “heart-breaking”

Keegan said that it was “heart-breaking” for her to label her dog, Costa, as dangerous.

Police now have the right to seize unregistered dogs in England and Wales. Moreover, owners could face an unlimited fine or a criminal record if they fail to provide an exemption certificate showing their pet is neutered.

For Keegan, her XL Bully, Costa, is the “biggest softie.” “It felt daunting to think that my dog is now a number on a dangerous dogs list,” she told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

As part of the requirements, Keegan also needs to put a muzzle on Costa while walking him. She expressed her sadness over this obligation as it impinges on Costa’s playtime with sticks and balls. Furthermore, the sight of the £50 metal muzzle has caused anxiety among other dog owners who perceive Costa as a potential threat.

That said, some professionals support the new rules. Dr. Chris Dixon, a vet at Wye Valley in Hereford, commended the ban due to the substantial size of the breed. Dixon explained that a neglected XL Bully that becomes aggressive is significantly more dangerous than a similarly neglected Pomeranian.

On the other hand, Coventry-based dog trainer and owner of three XL Bullies, Steve Constantinou, argued that the problem lies in irresponsible ownership rather than the breed itself. He believes that compulsory training and licensing for owners would prevent potential shifts of this problem to other large breeds, such as Cane Corso or Presa Canario.

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