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Woman Tried to Kill Stray Dog, Accidentally Shot Daughter


In an attempt to kill a stray dog, an Oklahoma woman accidentally shot her teen daughter. The teen died as a result. The womn plead guilty to the shooting this week.

Woman shooting at stray dog unintentionally killed daughter

According to Fox News, on Oct. 5, 2018, Amanda Myrene Fields Moffett’s teen daughter alerted her to a stray dog on their property. The pup was allegedly attacking kittens outside their home. Moffett grabbed a handgun and went outside on the porch. Then, she fired the gun into the dark. Unfortunately, Moffett’s daughter was in the line of fire. Moffett unintentionally killed her daughter.

This week, Moffett, a Cherokee citizen of Nowata, entered a plea of guilty for the charge of involuntary manslaughter. An Indian County federal court convicted her. Though a sentencing date is still pending, she may spend as many as eight years in prison. For now, she is free on supervised release.

“Every gun owner has the legal responsibility to use extreme caution when discharging a firearm. This case unfortunately highlights the potential tragic results absent that caution,” U.S. Attorney Clinton Johnson said regarding the case.

How to safely handle a stray dog

If you encounter a stray dog, handling the situation appropriately is paramount for your safety as well as the pup’s well-being. Exercise patience, compassion, and caution to ensure a positive outcome for all parties involved. Here are some steps to follow:

Approach slowly: Never rush toward a stray dog. Approach slowly. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises, which might scare the dog.

Stay calm: Dogs can sense fear and anxiety. Maintain a calm and confident demeanor to establish trust.

Keep a safe distance: Maintain a reasonable distance until the dog shows signs of being comfortable with your presence.

Do not force interaction: If the dog is aggressive or too fearful, do not attempt to handle it on your own. Leave it to professionals.

Offer food and water: If you have some dog-friendly food or water, place it on the ground a few feet away and step back.

Contact animal control: Notify your local animal control or a nearby animal shelter to report the stray dog and seek professional help.

Remember that stray dogs may be frightened, injured, or have behavioral issues. Always prioritize your safety and seek assistance when necessary.


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