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Woman Sentenced for Beating Elderly Man, Dog Abuse


A Texas woman was recently sentenced for her involvement in several crimes, including assaulting an elderly man with a frying pan and abusing a dog, following the revocation of her probation for previous convictions. The court handed her sentences on three counts while dismissing a fourth during the proceedings.

Texas woman faces sentencing for stabbing boyfriend, beating elderly father, and abusing dog

The incident leading to the arrest of Kristi Perez occurred last September when police responded to a distress call at a residence on the 700 block of Baylor. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered a man with a stab wound to his head and a severely neglected dog. The man, who had been living with Perez for a month, reported that she stabbed him as he slept. Nearby, officers found a steak knife stained with blood. Further investigation revealed a malnourished dog in a state of severe distress, with visible signs of starvation.

Perez claimed she intended to seek veterinary care for the animal once she received her paycheck. However, an officer, familiar with the dog from a previous visit, noted a significant decline in the animal’s condition and challenged Perez’s lack of action. Animal control later removed the dog on a stretcher — according to the Texomas homepage.

The legal proceedings saw the dismissal of the assault charge, but Perez received a 280-day jail term for the animal cruelty involved. In addition, the court revoked her ongoing probation for assaulting an elderly relative — her father — with a frying pan and a charge for evading arrest. For the former, which occurred in September 2022 during a disagreement resulting in multiple assaults on her elderly father, Perez initially received a five-month probation. However, due to the revocation, she now faces a five-year prison sentence, alongside a 12-month jail term for evading arrest.


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