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Woman Rescues Dog With Head Stuck in Container

A woman from Montgomery County, Texas, rescued a stray dog whose head got stuck in a plastic jug, reported KPRC 2. Teri Goodnight, who lives in Willis, spent more than a month trying to find the dog, Jughead, who was roaming around the Greater Houston area with his companion, Red. The dog was scared of people coming near him, which made it tough for those trying to save him.

Dog got head stuck in container trying to eat

Goodnight shared that Jughead was trying to eat when he got his head stuck in a cat feeder. “He was an opportunistic eater, the food was on the porch, and he helped himself to it and got his head stuck in the container on October 21,” she said.

The woman managed to pull the feeder off the dog’s head using wire cutters. When she first learned about Jughead’s situation, she was worried that the dog couldn’t breathe or eat. However, Goodnight later discovered that the container had an opening at the other end. Nevertheless, she was determined to save him.

After spending hundreds of dollars on fuel and 30 days attempting to save the dog, Goodnight was emotional when her efforts finally paid off. “I literally cried for 10 minutes after I caught him, I just broke down and started crying. I was relieved it was over,” she added.

Rescuer’s actions praised

Goodnight’s rescue efforts have won her major praise from animal lovers on social media. “Thank you Teri Hill Goodnight for your Kindness & compassion,” a user wrote on Facebook.

Another user commented, “Thank you for all you do, Teri. You are one amazing individual!!! You’ve helped out our neighborhood many times with lost, wandering fur babies.”

Goodnight has been rescuing dogs in and around Montgomery County for about three years, according to Chron.com. However, this was the first time she saved one with a jug stuck on his head. Emphatically, Goodnight shared that she has a “100 percent success rate trapping dogs.” Moreover, once she commits to trapping a dog, she doesn’t “give up on them.”

The two dogs are currently in the care of East Texas Hoof and Paw Rescue, a shelter in Livingstone, Texas. The organization’s executive director, Alyson Krumbholz, shared that the canines are receiving proper vetting, including their vaccinations. Krumbholz also disclosed that both pups are mixed breeds. In particular, she speculated that Jughead likely has some Boxer or Mastiff blood while Red is mixed with an Australian Shepherd. Currently, they are both “with a foster home until they learn what love is.” The dogs will be available for adoption in the future.

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