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Woman Charged After XL Bully Dog Attacks & Injures Kids in UK


A 34-year-old woman in East Ayrshire, Scotland, is facing charges after her XL Bully attacked and injured three kids. Two of the children, both aged 10, sustained minor injuries. Scotland authorities haven’t disclosed the status of the third child.

XL Bully Dog attacked and injured children in East Ayrshire, UK

On Wednesday, Mar. 13, at around 7:10 p.m. as per Sky News reports, officers in Scotland responded to reports of the ongoing attack and soon after arrested the XL Bully owner. It remains unclear whether the dog was unleashed and without a muzzle while out in public.

Authorities also haven’t confirmed whether the canine was in the company of their owner at the time of the attack. Nevertheless, police seized the XL Bully in line with the new regulations.

Scotland recently announced strict regulations governing those who own XL Bullies. All owners must adhere to these restrictions lest they have their dogs seized and face hefty fines.

These restrictions came after Wales and England banned the ownership of XL Bullies. Only those who had acquired an exemption certificate before the ban were allowed to keep their dogs. Additionally, all Bully XL owners in Wales and England must comply with certain ownership restrictions, including keeping their dogs muzzled and on a lead at all times when out in public.

The Scottish government introduced similar regulations to curb the spate of violent attacks involving this breed. Furthermore, the government had to act following concerns that people were sneaking their XL Bullies from Wales and England into Scotland.

A complete ban on XL Bullies in Scotland will come into full force on July 31, 2024. Only those who will have been granted a certificate of exemption by then will be permitted to keep their animal. At the moment, though, all XL Bully owners in Scotland must ensure their pets have a muzzle on and are on a lead when out and about in public.


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