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Woman Arrested After Police Find 55 Abused Dogs, Dead Puppies

For man’s best friend, even being saved by an animal rescue organization does not guarantee love and affection. According to ABC News, police recently rushed to the rescue of 55 abused dogs in an animal shelter run by a woman in Chandler, Arizona. The woman — April McLaughlin — was arrested on Friday, Sept. 22. While many dogs may have been saved, it was too late for the five deceased puppies who were found in a freezer on the premises.

55 mistreated dogs and five deceased puppies led to a woman’s arrest

Neighbors of 48-year-old April McLaughlin were the first to raise suspicions about the horrifying situation. For some time, foul odors had begun emanating from April’s residence. As per police statements, concerned residents of the neighborhood reported these odors and multiple instances of suspected animal hoarding.

A horrifying sight greeted the police when they rushed to the scene. 55 dogs were struggling to survive in April’s residence, with all of them showing signs of mistreatment and neglect. Several dogs were elderly and had special needs, while all were deprived of access to fresh drinking water.

Thankfully, there is hope for several of the rescued canines. However, a number of the dogs will likely require euthanasia. Additionally, five deceased puppies were discovered in a freezer, their time having run out before authorities raided the location. Furthermore, court documents ascertain that the woman saw no issue with storing food next to the departed animals in the freezer. Following the discovery of both the deceased and abused pets, April was immediately arrested.

Accentuating the horror of the situation, the severe indoor air quality forced firefighters to wear specialized breathing equipment. As a result of the filthy conditions, there was no choice but to condemn the residence.

As per her own admission, April had been running the rescue for a year. During this time, she had taken on an excessive number of previously unhoused dogs.

Woman faces counts of animal and elder abuse

The poor pooches were not the only victims of April’s negligence. The woman had even allowed her own elderly mother to reside in the run-down residence. As per CTV News, April has been detained at a Phoenix jail on 55 counts of animal cruelty, 55 counts of animal abuse, and one account of vulnerable elder abuse.

The convict’s cash-only bail was set at $2,500 after her initial appearance in court on Saturday. Shortly thereafter, she was to be assigned a public defender. The Maricopa County public defenders’ office has yet to reveal whether a specific lawyer has been assigned to her case.

However the trial proceeds, it’s likely that onlookers and animal rights advocates will continue to mourn for the deceased puppies and elderly canines who had to endure such deplorable conditions. It is arguably a great injustice to see rescued dogs needing to be saved from the very place that was supposed to provide them with a fresh start. Regardless, it is now up to the legal system to determine the fate of April McLaughlin.


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