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Wisconsin Man Choked Police Dog During Traffic Stop

A K-9 endured horrific abuse at the hands of a Wisconsin man during a traffic stop. When police in Indiana pulled the man over, he allegedly choked the police dog and gouged the pup’s eyes.

Man attacks police dog during traffic stop

According to USA Today, Crown Point police pulled over 32-year-old Tyler Lee Pollard for speeding around 2:37 a.m. on Sunday. The Kenosha native was going 86 miles per hour in a 45 miles-per-hour zone. It took Pollard over a mile to finally stop his car. Police ordered Pollard to roll down his window and put his key on the car. Pollard obeyed, but refused to get out of the car.

Police warned the man that they would send in a K-9 if he did not get out.

“Two Crown Point officers attempted to enter the passenger side of the vehicle, but it was locked,” a police statement said. “The police then deployed a department-issued baton to break the passenger window glass to enter the vehicle and unlock the doors.”

Then, the cops sent the police dog, Jack, into the car. Pollard brutally attacked the K-9. He allegedly gouged Jack’s eyes and grabbed the police dog around the throat with both of his hands. The dog’s eyes rolled back in his head and he became momentarily incapacitated.

Cpl. David Wilkins, Jack’s handler, demanded that Pollard release the dog. Pollard refused. So, police struggled with the suspect in order to free the dog from the man’s grip.

Finally, an officer Tasered Pollard. He finally released the K-9 but continued to resist arrest. Officers “forcibly” removed the man from the car.

K-9 given clean bill of health after assault

Thankfully, Jack made it out of the ordeal OK. A veterinarian examined him and declared him in good health. He is recovering with his handler. The 3-year-old German Shepherd has been with the police department since September 2021, when he joined the force at only 14 months of age.

As a result of this incident, two police officers reported minor injuries. Pollard also suffered minor injuries. After receiving medical treatment, he was transferred to Lake County Jail. He posted $2,500 bail and is now out of custody.

According to USA Today, police presented the following charges to the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office: battery on a public safety official, intimidation, resisting law enforcement, striking and interfering with a law enforcement animal, disorderly conduct, and reckless driving. However, it is currently unclear what charges Pollard faces.

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