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Wisconsin Family Finds Rottweiler Shot to Death on Farm


A Wisconsin family is grieving following the loss of their 10-year-old dog. The Rottweiler, named Nya, was found shot to death on their rural farm in Marquette County.

Rottweiler disappears from family farm

According to WKOW, Nya often roamed the property.

“She was good dog,” Michelle Lynn Klug, Nya’s dog mom, said. “She never hurt a thing, she loved everything, she never even hurt animals and she even got treats from the UPS guy.”

Occasionally, Nya visited neighboring homes for treats or wandered around. But she always came home. Then, last week, Nya and the family’s other dog ran off. Klug and her husband looked for the pups but couldn’t find them.

“We drove the four wheeler around every single day from the last day that she left and didn’t see her,” she told the news outlet.

Eventually, the other dog found their way home. But Nya was still missing. Klug had a bad feeling about the senior dog’s absence.

“They [neighbors] would call us and we would go get her and this last time when she left they didn’t call us,” Klug said.

Klug begged neighbors for information about Nya but no one knew anything. She requested that they alert her if the dog was hurt or harmed by someone.

“They started seeing signs of how worried we were when we started saying we just want our dog back or so we can bury her if she’s gone,” Klug said.

Rottweiler found shot in stomach

Finally, on Saturday evening, Klug and her husband found Nya during their regular rounds on the property. Unfortunately, the dog was dead.

“When we found her, she looked like she’s been gone for a few days and she had her collar on, but did not have her tag anymore,” Klug told 27 News. “Her body looked like she’d been gone for at least three days.”

Nya had gunshot wounds in the stomach. Klug believes someone shot the Rottweiler and returned the dog’s body to the farm.

The Klugs called the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Joseph Konrath told 27 News that the authorities contacted neighbors but didn’t find out anything. They closed the case, stating that they can’t continue an investigation without a suspect or further information.

Dog mom demands answers

The Sheriff’s response isn’t good enough for Klug.

“I don’t think anybody does anything about this and I’m now pushing it because these pets are our family,” she said.

The dog mom wants the person responsible for Nya’s death to confess.

“They should come forward and say that she did something and say what they did just so that we know that you did it for a reason,” she added.

If you have information about Nya’s death, contact the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office at 608-297-2115.


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