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Wisconsin Babysitter Accused of Killing Family Dog


An 18-year-woman in Sussex, Wisconsin, who is accused of killing a family’s dog has denied the charges brought against her during her trial on Feb. 28.

Kielee Sonnemann, a high school senior, fatally stabbed the 8-year-old dog while the owners were away. She was babysitting the family’s 4-year-old daughter on the day of the killing.

Babysitter accused of killing dog enters plea of not guilty by reason of insanity

According to CBS 58 News, the horrific incident happened on Jan. 28. It’s reported that Sonnemann attacked the Chihuahua named Batman with a pair of scissors before covering his head with a plastic bag. She then proceeded to hide the dead body underneath a pile of blankets and stuffed animals in one of the family’s rooms.

TMJ4 News previously reported that when the child’s parents came back home, they realized Batman wasn’t around and began looking for him everywhere in the house. In fact, Sonnemann even joined in on the search. The owners called authorities when they discovered Batman’s body, which had a stab wound.

Upon interrogation by police, the 18-year-old claimed she only “shooed him away a little bit” and that “when she gets mad and lashes out, everything goes blank and she does not remember.”

The grieving couple, Shelly and Justin Ciardo, are trying to come to terms with Batman’s tragic death.

“This is the hardest thing. The emotions go from sad to mad. There’s never anything more than that,” Shelly, the dog’s owner, told the news outlet.

Commenting on Batman’s untimely demise, Ciardo shared: “It’s hard. It’s hard because obviously everything reminds you of the animal that we lost.”

Shockingly, the couple and Sonnemann’s family knew each other. Sonnemann had even babysat for them multiple times in the past.

“There was no inclination of anything wrong. There was no signs. There was nothing said that gave us that hint that something this horrific could happen,” a distraught Ciardo said.

On Wednesday, Sonnemann pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. During her first court appearance earlier this month, the accused stated she was on medication for a mental illness. Sonnemann is due back in court on May 6.


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