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Why Some Dachshunds Bark at Everything, Day or Night


Dachshunds or “Doxies” are famous for their distinctive long bodies and playful personalities. However, Dachshund pups are also notorious for barking, which is deeply rooted in their nature. Their penchant for vocalization stems from their heritage as keen hunters. 

Why do Dachshunds bark so much when puppies and when fully grown?

It is important to know the origin of Dachshund puppies to understand why they bark so much. The primary reason for their excessive barking is that these little weiner dogs were originally hunting dogs. Thus, Doxies are more prone to barking than other breeds. 

Bred to be expert chasers, diggers, and barkers, Dachshunds haven’t lost their hunting touch. During hunts, their keen senses helped them track prey. Additionally, their famously loud barks alerted the hunter to their location.

Therefore, Dachshund puppies and adults naturally possess a strong barking instinct, driven by their desire to alert their owners to anything they perceive as a threat. Unfortunately, this vigilance can sometimes manifest as excessive barking. 

Why do Dachshunds bark at everything?

Dachshunds often bark at random things. This can be troublesome for owners, especially ones who live in apartments. Pet parents must understand the reasons behind their pup barking to provide proper training.

Known for their protective nature, Dachshunds fiercely guard their home, family, food, and toys. In their eyes, any approaching person or animal becomes a potential threat, triggering their instinctive “guard dog” mode, leading to barking. 

Secondly, another reason behind your Dachshund barking can be that they are always on duty. Ever the vigilant guardians, their keen senses, honed by their hunting heritage, are hyper-aware of their surroundings. Any sudden noise or movement becomes an instant trigger for the Dachshund alarm.

In addition, other reasons can include boredom, separation anxiety, seeking attention, or too much excitement. 

Various training techniques can help you deal with your barky Dachshund. Moreover, you can consider hiring a professional trainer for your pup’s barking issue.


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