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Why Do Dogs Put Their Paws on You During Petting & Sleeping?

For pet owners scratching their heads and wondering, “Why do dogs put their paws on you?“, especially when they are being petted or are sleeping, here’s the explanation.

Why do dogs put their paw on you?

Researchers have long studied this common dog behavior and come up with a couple of explanations as to why dogs like to paw at their humans. Generally speaking, it’s a dog’s way of communicating.

When your dog places their paw on you while you are petting them, it may simply mean they are reciprocating the affection and want you to keep petting them.

Pawing might also be a dog’s way of seeking their owner’s attention. If your dog has used this attention-seeking tactic in the past and won your attention, they’ll probably use it again and again anytime they crave your attention.

Moreover, experts say that dogs tend to paw at their humans if they need a potty break. While some pups may simply sit by the door to signal they want to go outside, others choose to use their paw to make their request known.

Another interesting reason why your dog often does this is to let you know they are hungry. If you realize your pup likes to paw at you around mealtime, they may be trying to remind you to feed them.

Furthermore, dogs tend to paw at their humans when anxious or stressed or if they sense their owner isn’t okay. Your dog may paw at you to seek comfort and reassurance from something that’s making them stressed out. For instance, if they are unwell or scared of loud noises.

Similarly, they may offer their paw as a way of showing you emotional support if you’re in a sad or stressful mood. Remember, dogs are pretty good at decoding our emotions and wanting to be there for us.

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