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Why Do Dogs Like Watching the Bluey TV Show?


Many pet parents have noticed that their dogs like watching Bluey, the Australian cartoon show. It’s natural to wonder the reason behind it. According to a new theory, there’s a deliberate explanation for why our canine companions sit closely beside us when we’re watching Bluey.

Why do dogs love watching Bluey so much?

A circulating TikTok theory suggests that dogs find the use of colors in Bluey appealing, which particularly attracts them to the show.

TikTok creator @jaclynbyrne started the theory when she uploaded a video of her dog watching the show. The text overlay on the video said, “If you have a pup, play them Bluey, they use colors that pups can see.”

The video has garnered an impressive 47 million views and 8.6 million likes, astonishing Bluey fans worldwide. It’s definitely gone viral, and as a result, the theory has become popular among dog owners.

Additionally, many people commented on the video, sharing their experiences. One user wrote, “I watch Bluey with my dog, it’s so adorable to watch.” Another user commented, “We always play Bluey when we leave our dog home alone, it calms him down.” 

Jaclyn’s clip prompts a fascinating dog science lesson. Traditionally, dogs were believed to be colorblind, but recent studies reveal they have dichromatic vision, perceiving blues and yellows. Lacking a cone for red light, they seemingly view reds as shades of grey. So, dogs experience a world tinged with blue and yellow hues.

Hence, when it comes to Bluey, we see that many characters, including Bluey, Uncle Stripe, Grandma Chris, Grandpa Bob, and Cousin Socks, have blue depictions. 

Additionally, like Jaclyn, other TikTok users also realized this fact about Bluey. A TikTok influencer, @ashleyspam said on the platform, “It took me five years to realize Bluey the TV show is made in dog vision colors.”


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