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What Is the 6-Letter New York Times Answer?


Some players of the New York Times crossword are left scratching their heads by the “Canine Protector” clue. If you’re one of those looking for the January 26 “Canine Protector” crossword answer, read on for all the essential details.

What is the New York Times “Canine Protector” crossword answer?

The 6-letter word “ENAMEL” is the answer.

While players might initially link the “Canine Protector” clue to dogs, it ingeniously refers to teeth. Enamel, the glossy substance covering our teeth, ties this crossword solution to dental anatomy. Although dogs undeniably possess enamel, so do humans and various animals.

In a similar crossword puzzle from yesterday, the quest for answers led to a delightful revelation about a “Chewy Meaty Dog Treat.” For more on this, check out yesterday’s crossword puzzle.

The New York Times Crossword is like entering a world of tricky wordplay and brain-teasing clues. It’s not just a game; it’s a mental workout that keeps you pondering answers long after you’ve put the paper down. The fun part? The answers aren’t always handed to you on a silver platter.

Now, some might call it cheating when you look up answers online, but hey, crosswords are meant to be enjoyed. If our guide helps you with one answer, it might just nudge you to tackle the rest on your own. It’s all about that sense of accomplishment.

Take today’s “Canine protector” clue, for instance. Instead of going straight for “Teeth,” they threw in “Canine,” making us think about dogs. Sneaky, right? Even though all teeth have enamel, not just the canine ones, it’s a clever trick to lead us down the doggy path. You start thinking of words like “HOUNDS,” “COLLAR,” “MUZZLE,” or “KENNEL,” before you hit the right answer, “ENAMEL.”

And for pet lovers, there’s even a “Pets Mini” special puzzle you can check out. It’s a cute crossword experience tailored for those who adore their furry friends. All in all, The New York Times Crossword certainly does know how to keep things interesting for its fans.


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