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What Is a Bait Dog? & How to Rescue Them


Those wondering what exactly a “bait dog” is and how to go about rescuing them will find the need-to-know information in this guide.

What is a bait dog?

A bait dog refers to a canine that is used by dogfighters to test the fighting instinct of other dogs.

These are typically weaker, more submissive animals who often have their teeth removed or mouths taped shut to prevent them from defending themselves. This cruel practice essentially turns these defenseless creatures into “practice” targets for more aggressive dogs to train and enhance their violent instincts.

The physical condition of these bait dogs often tells a harrowing tale of persistent cruelty and abuse. Commonly, these animals bear severe scars, wounds, and bruises. Moreover, they also suffer from severe malnutrition and physical trauma, owing to the inhuman practices they’re subjected to.

How to rescue bait dogs?

Rescuing bait dogs is a complicated process. This is mainly because the gruesome act of dog fighting is an underground, illicit operation, hidden from the public’s eye. Yet, here’s how you can help rescue these innocent lives:

  • Education and awareness: By educating yourself and others about dog fighting and its realities, you raise awareness about this cruel practice, potentially discouraging individuals from participating in or supporting it.
  • Reporting suspected activity: If you suspect dog fighting activity in your area, don’t hesitate to report it to your local animal control agency or police. 
  • Support local animal shelters: Most bait dogs are found abandoned and severely injured. Local animal shelters and rescue groups are usually the first responders in such situations. Therefore, by supporting them with funds, time, or resources, you contribute to these dogs’ recovery and rehabilitation. 
  • Adopt, don’t shop: When you choose to adopt a rescued bait dog, you not only give a loving home to an animal in need but also free up shelter space for another victim.


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