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What Dog Breed Is Bing in the 2024 Film?


Naomi Watts plays the lead role in “The Friend,” an adaptation of Sigrid Nunez’s acclaimed novel of the same name. The movie explores the profound connection between a woman and a large-breed dog. Nunez’s book intricately weaves a tale of love, friendship, grief, and healing, and moviegoers expect to witness the same themes in the film.

What is the breed of the dog in ‘The Friend’ movie?

The dog in the film “The Friend” is a member of the Great Dane breed named Bing. This movie is based on a book by the same name, written by Sigrid Nunez. It follows a writer who finds solace in adopting the Great Dane of a departed friend and mentor. 

Additionally, Nunez’s book won a National Book Award in 2018 and was a NYT Bestseller. In the book, readers witness a woman suddenly losing her lifelong friend and mentor, after which she adopts her deceased friend’s dog. The canine happens to be a massive Great Dane, which adds to her already heavy burden of grief at first. 

As she becomes consumed with caring for the silent sufferer and delving into his emotions, she teeters on the edge of losing herself entirely. However, amidst the challenges, both she and the dog find unexpected sources of solace and fulfillment.

In February 2022, the book’s adaptation into a film was announced, as per Deadline. Watts and Bing will play the lead characters in the movie, promising an emotionally resonant cinematic experience. Additionally, Scott McGehee and David Siegel are co-directing the film. 

Furthermore, the duo were recently seen shooting a scene of the film on the New York City set. Watts received a playful kiss from the dog and even shared this heartfelt scene on her Instagram. She wrote in the caption, “Bing—my scene partner who stole my heart on day #1.”


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