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Virgin Australia Welcomes Small Dogs in Cabin for Domestic Flights


Virgin Australia is pioneering a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize air travel for pet owners. It plans to become the first airline in Australia to allow pets onboard its flights. This innovative move will enable small cats and dogs to accompany their owners on specific domestic flights.

Virgin Australia plans to introduce pets in cabins scheme for its domestic flights

Australia’s airline, Virgin Australia, has unveiled plans to make history by becoming the nation’s inaugural airline to permit pets onboard, as per Daily Mail. Thus, in the near future, small cats and dogs will be able to fly with their owners in the cabin, making the travel experience stress-free for both pets and pet parents.

Moreover, the announcement marks a significant step towards greater inclusivity and convenience in air travel for pet lovers across Australia. Subject to regulatory approval, Virgin Australia anticipates rolling out the new service within the next 12 months.

Virgin Australia has announced that its pets in cabin service will only allow “small cats and dogs.” However, the airline has not provided specific criteria for defining “small,” as per The Guardian. This approach mirrors practices in the United States, where carriers implementing similar schemes often impose restrictions on specific breeds.

Nevertheless, the airline has specified rules about how the owners will carry their pets. Pets must be transported in an approved carrier provided by the airline and placed beneath the seat in front of their owner throughout the flight.

Additionally, Virgin Australia Group CEO Jayne Hrdlicka expressed her excitement regarding their pet-friendly initiative. In her words, “Our love for animals has always been in the Virgin Australia DNA and we are excited at the prospect of taking off with Australia’s first-ever pets in cabin flights.”

According to her, the airline’s guests consistently demonstrate a strong desire to travel with their pets. Therefore, Virgin Australia wants to make this aspiration a reality. “It’s something that commonly happens overseas and is proven to work well,” she said.


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