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Vet Saves Dog Who Swallowed Two Chews Whole


An alarmed pet owner rushed their dog to the veterinary hospital in response to apparent choking symptoms. The incident took place on Jan. 12 when Mollie, the unfortunate pup, was hastily carried into Alma Veterinary Hospital to be evaluated for an emergency medical situation. Thankfully, the vet was able to save Mollie.

Mollie had eaten two circular treats whole

Mollie was taken to the hospital because she began to exhibit symptoms like coughing, drooling, and retching. These worrying signs cropped up soon after she had eaten a few chews.

The immediate speculation was that something had caused a blockage in her airway or throat. Following a careful examination, she was sedated for an X-ray to precisely identify the source of her discomfort. The surprising revelation from the radiographs showed that there was no physical impediment in her throat or trachea. In contrast, Mollie had actually swallowed the two circular chews entirely without breaking them down. As a result, the two chew treats were lodged on top of one another within her esophagus, leading to the blocked airway and her resulting condition.

How did the vet treat Mollie?

At Alma Veterinary Hospital, a team of dedicated and experienced vets attended to Mollie’s condition and managed to save the dog’s life.

They opted to sedate the 11-year-old cross-breed dog — as reported by the Slough Observer. Next, they guided an endoscopic camera down her esophagus to gain a clearer understanding of the blockage before thinking of the safest way to remove the obstruction.

A vet from the hospital said, “We were able to successfully relieve the obstruction, by retrieving one chew and pushing the other into her stomach so it was then digested normally.” Mollie was discharged from the facility later the same afternoon, the vet said. Moreover, to protect her esophagus against any potential damage caused by the blockage, she was given some medication.

Is the dog okay now?

In Mollie’s case, due to the timely evaluation and adept handling of her condition, she made a full recovery.

While talking about this medical complication in dogs, the vet explained that esophageal foreign bodies are not very common. However, they can lead to serious, and sometimes even grave, consequences. Often, these obstructions happen in the narrower part of the esophagus and are most likely caused by bones. These can lead to damage or even perforation in the esophagus.


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