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Valentine’s Day Dog Room Tour Goes Viral on TikTok

A Valentine’s Day-themed dog room tour has gone viral on TikTok. With the fateful day closing in, one very prepared dog has their room is ready for the season of love. A dog, Leia, gave a tour of her room on TikTok, which is all set for Valentine’s Day. The adorable video has gone viral on the platform. 

Watch the Valentine’s Day dog room tour

Some doggos out there are really living their best lives. One of them is Leia, a Labrador Retriever whose mom, Kate, spent a year creating the perfect room for her furbaby. In the viral TikTok, viewers get a tour of Leia’s room, which has special decorations for Valentine’s Day and her birthday.

Watch the viral TikTok here:

The video has a narrator, which is supposed to be Leia herself. This makes the TikTok post all the more fun to watch. The clip starts with Kate opening up Leia’s room as Leia lounges on her large pink bed. Meanwhile, the funny voice narrating the video says, “My name is Leia, and this is my room.”

Viewers find that Leia has everything she can ever need in her room. She has an extra soft bed for her friends, all her grooming products, including brushes and shampoos, and a harness wardrobe. 

Additionally, she has a box of poop bags, a basket of poop bag holders, her “cute tags” hanging on a stand, and a jewelry dish. 

There is also a large collection of collars, shoes, bandanas, sailor bows, and leashes. Other stuff in the room includes a  doggy camera, Leia’s portrait, wipes, and Leia’s crate. 

Thus, it is safe to say that seeing this room tour makes every dog parent want to go shopping for their canine companions. 

Kate posted this video on her account, @katesaballos. It has garnered 2.4 million views and 275K likes, making it insanely popular on TikTok. Moreover, it has over 2900 comments.

One user, _itsmokiiiiiiiiii, wrote a relatable comment, saying, “Girl, you called me broke in every language including bark.” Another user, TipsyScottish, commented, “my dog sent me this and told me to step up my game.”

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