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Uber Eats Driver Attacked by Banned ‘Fighting Dog’ During Delivery


In an alarming incident, an Uber Eats driver landed in the hospital after a banned “fighting” dog viciously attacked him during a routine food delivery. Gemma Louise Ward, the owner of the dog named Kyra, is now in court dealing with the repercussions of her pet’s brutal act. Ward’s pet lunged at the delivery man, digging its teeth into his chin and leaving him severely injured and bloodied.

Delivery driver face bitten by “fighting dog”

On a routine delivery day, the driver was attacked while delivering a McDonald’s meal ordered by Ward via Uber Eats. The episode unfolded when the driver arrived at Ward’s residence in Seventh Avenue, Limeside.

According to prosecutor Gareth Hughes, as the driver approached Ward’s front door to hand over the delivery, he saw a dog barking ferociously behind the window.

The driver noticed that the dog — an “agitated” Pit Bull Terrier-type breed — wasn’t properly restrained and attempted to push past Ward. Despite her efforts to hold it back, the animal overpowered Ward, squeezing past her, and launching at the driver who was uncertain if it wanted the food or was attacking him.

In an attempt to escape, the driver dropped the food bag and ended up pinned against a fence, paralyzed by fear. The dog lunged at him, biting his chin, which caused him to bleed profusely.

Although the man was able to fend off the dog’s attempt to bite him a second time, the damage was already done. According to the victim’s statement, Ward “seemed reluctant” to involve herself during the attack which he described as feeling “like a long time.”

Law enforcement received the alert and attended to the wounded delivery driver. Ward now faces the charge of possession of a prohibited breed and for being the person in charge of a dangerously uncontrollable dog, as per Manchester Evening News.


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