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TSA Dog Calendar Ready For 2024

Written by aslmad.yaz

Meet the TSA calendar dogs! Fifteen remarkable – and adorable – explosive detection dogs grace the 2024 Transportation Security Administration Canine Calendar, released on Monday, Nov. 27. The TSA dog calendar features pups selected from over 1,000 candidates submitted from airports nationwide. The calendar celebrates these detection dogs, recognizing them for their dedication and service in keeping the nation safe.

Dogs on duty featured in TSA dog calendar

Paws up for Gina-Gina, stationed at LaGuardia Airport (LGA). Say hello to Kari, the delightful Belgian Malinois proudly serving at Bangor International Airport (BGR). And don’t forget Zita, the speckled German Shorthaired Pointer at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP). These are just a few of the incredible pups spotlighted on this year’s TSA dog calendar. Dina, the winner of the 2023 contest for the cutest dog, shines on the calendar’s cover.

The TSA canine calendar not only celebrates the 15 dogs featured on its pages (with one pup highlighted per month and a few additional bonus heroes), but it also pays homage to the over 1,000 explosive detection dogs actively working across the United States. Every month features interesting facts about these canines, offering insights into their preferred treats, toys, favorite spots to relax, and career details.

Gracing the month of June, for example, is Lubo-Lugo. This cheerful Labrador-Golden Retriever Mix is a dedicated guardian at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). As a well-deserved reward for his diligent efforts, this sunny pup enjoys munching on the dog treat Greenies™. The page for this month also shares the poignant backstory behind the pup’s name, honoring the memory of Daniel Lugo, a security guard at the World Trade Center’s South Tower who tragically lost his life on 9/11. Despite the somber history, the irresistible charm of this pup is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

To protect and serve

Lubo-Lugo featured in the June page of the 2024 TSA dog calendar
(Photo Credit: The Transportation Security Administration)

Additionally, the calendar provides information about the dogs’ handlers – dedicated individuals “who use the working canine’s keen sense of smell to help ensure security throughout the nation’s transportation system,” a press release from the TSA read.

“TSA uses canines as part of its multilayered security operations nationwide and also trains about 300 canines each year,” the release stated. “These highly skilled dogs are trained to detect the scent of explosives or explosive materials.”

As per the information reported by People, every dog undergoes a 16-week training program at the TSA Canine Training Center in San Antonio. The dogs are first paired with their handlers, and then receive specialized training to acclimate to “busy transportation environments.” With diligent work, these dogs master the skills of detecting various explosive odors. Not only is the calendar a celebration of the individual dogs, but the partnership between the dogs and their handlers.

To learn more about the TSA’s Explosives Detection Canine Program and the dogs who protect and serve, please visit TSA.gov. You can also get your free downloadable 2024 TSA dog calendar here.

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