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Tiny Puppy Found Zipped in Thief Suspect’s Pocket by US Police

In a rather unexpected event near Detroit, Michigan, local police stumbled upon a soft surprise during a standard suspect search — a tiny, blue-eyed puppy, snuggled covertly in the pocket of the man’s jacket.

The individual, whom the police arrested on Jan. 16, was under suspicion for the crime of stealing money from an unsuspecting bank customer.

Tiny blue-eyed puppy found in thief suspect’s pocket

Estimated to be roughly five weeks old, this small female Pit Bull was promptly handed over to the local animal shelter. Her sky-blue eyes and diminutive stature quickly endeared her to the shelter’s staff, who affectionately named her “Bandit,” a moniker reflecting the circumstances of her discovery. However, upon establishing her true identity, they learned her real name is Frappy, shared Jeff Randazzo, the chief animal control officer of Macomb County.

The initial phase of Frappy’s ordeal involved being shifted to foster care, where she awaited the resolution of her owner’s criminal charges. Finally, once her 24-year-old owner got released from jail and complied with the necessary impound fee, Frappy was rightfully returned to him.

In a gesture of support, Randazzo offered the alleged thief help with vaccination and microchipping of Frappy. He mentioned that this would enable the animal control department to “keep an eye” on the little pooch. According to the Detroit Free Press, he was quoted saying, “(Animal control) are hoping to take a bad situation and (make) it better.”

The young owner, however, finds himself facing charges of larceny from a person. He is accused of snatching a bag belonging to a customer, which contained an estimated amount of $5,200 (£4,100). The theft led to his subsequent arrest just hours later. His lawyer, Robbie Lang, holds the opinion that the canine companion wasn’t in his client’s pocket at the time of the supposed theft.

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