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TikTok of Dog Hitting High Note in Taylor Swift Song Goes Viral

A viral TikTok video of a dog performing an impressive rendition of a Taylor Swift song has shown that anyone can be a Taylor Swift fan. Swifties have found a new member in the talented star at the heart of the video, a dog named Tuco.

TikTok video of dog singing along to Taylor Swift’s ‘my tears ricochet’ from ‘Folklore’ album

A dog named Tuco revealed his Swiftie self as he delivered a remarkable high note while singing along to Taylor Swift’s song “my tears ricochet,” as Parade reports. A fan shared the video on TikTok as Tuco sings along to the haunting vocals. Therefore, the fan fittingly captioned it as “My tears ricochet (tuco’s version).”

Watch the viral video here:

The video shows Tuco carefully listening to Swift’s song from the “folklore” album. Subsequently, he starts to match the pop icon’s vocals by adding his own howls, hitting incredible high notes. 

Antonella Torres (@antodrizzy) posted the video on her TikTok account. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, garnering almost a million views. Moreover, it has about 295K likes and thousands of funny comments. 

A TikTok user hilariously commented, “Tuco, who hurt you, honey.” Another user declared the dog a Swiftie and wrote, “Get him the eras tour ticket.”

In addition, someone even tagged Taylor Swift in the comment saying, “new backup singer for my tears ricochet performance.”

Furthermore, Tuco’s owner delighted fans by sharing another captivating performance from the dog. This time, Tuco demonstrated his vocal prowess with a powerful rendition of “seven,” a different track from Taylor Swift’s acclaimed “folklore” album.

Tuco’s remarkable rendition of Taylor Swift’s “my tears ricochet” has captivated viewers worldwide. This showcases the profound impact of Swift’s music across all species. The dog’s performance has sparked laughter, admiration, and even humorous speculation about the dog’s emotional depth. 

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