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Three German Shepherds Take Over Stranger’s Car

In a comical turn of events, a seemingly ordinary drop-off at a daycare took an unexpected twist in Florida when three German Shepherds decided to take over the front seats of a stranger’s car. A woman shared the incident on Facebook as the mischievous pups took advantage of an open driver’s side door as their ticket to an impromptu joyride.

St. Petersburg Police respond to German Shepherd Dogs who jumped in woman’s front car seat

Photographs reveal an amusing incident in St. Petersburg, where German Shepherds boldly commandeered the front seats of a stranger’s car, as per the Tampa Bay Times. According to Facebook user Keke Keke, the canines took advantage of an open driver’s side door while she was dropping off her child at daycare.

One of the snapshots posted on Tuesday, Feb. 20, shows two of the dogs comfortably seated in the front seats while another lounged on the floorboard.

The St. Petersburg Police Department had to arrive at the scene after the dogs refused to leave the woman’s car.

Keke wrote on Facebook, “OMG this will forever be my nightmare.”

Meanwhile, the police shared on Facebook, “Understandably, the woman driver wasn’t too pleased! So our officers stepped in, coaxed the dogs out of the vehicle, and gave them a lift to Pinellas Animal Urgent Care.” Eventually, the owner was located, who then took the troublesome dogs.

The police ended the Facebook post on an amusing note, saying, “Some dogs will do anything for a car ride!”

The officers noted the furry animals exhibited good behavior. They had to gently pull on the animals’ collars to encourage them to exit the vehicle, spokesperson Ken Knight said.

According to the Facebook user, two of the German Shepherds got out of the car. However, the third one had to be enticed with fish sticks to come out.

The duration of the dogs’ stay in the car remains uncertain to officers, nevertheless, they are glad to have successfully persuaded the dogs to leave the car.

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