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Therapy Dog Visits Make ‘Monumental’ Impact on Care Home Residents


Spencer House Care Home in Northampton, United Kingdom, in partnership with the national pet service Pets as Therapy, has been organizing weekly therapy dog visits for its residents. According to a long-serving member of the care home’s staff, these interactions have made a “monumental” and indescribable difference in the residents’ lives.

Therapy dog visits bring joy to Northampton, UK care home

For the past year, Spencer House has seen the weekly visit of a dynamic duo — Vicki and her therapy dog George — that’s brought “immeasurable” benefits to the care home’s residents. This beautiful bond, according to Jan Davenport — the Deputy Manager at Spencer House — often evokes the residents’ fond memories of their own pets and creates an emotional atmosphere within the care home.

Recognizing the benefits pets can have, Spencer House began its collaboration with Pets as Therapy nearly a year ago — as per the Northampton Chronicle. Through their visits, Vicki and George have formed deep relationships with the residents, especially with those particularly responsive to animal companionship.

“The impact of them coming is monumental and so emotional,” said Davenport. “It’s thought provoking, uplifting and it’s so vital they still have contact with pets.”

Having become integral parts of the care home, Pets as Therapy asked Vicki and George to represent them in a national marketing campaign. In addition, Spencer House, along with its residents, proudly accepted the invitation to take part in a photoshoot supporting this beautiful cause.

In their continued mission to deliver a homely and warm environment, the care home often organizes other animal-based activities, like visits to farms and bringing in exotic creatures and critters. Furthermore, Spencer House is hoping to broaden its work with Pets as Therapy by hosting events that support animal charities.

Meanwhile, the care home has plans to further engage with the local community. Their intended programs include setting up a volunteer gardening group this year and nurturing existing partnerships, such as with Abington Vale School. With holistic therapy and regular singing sessions for their memory care residents, the efforts at Spencer House represent a whole-hearted approach to the welfare of its individuals.


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