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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne Opens up About Her Late Dog Tiago

Fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” might remember the close relationship a cast member, Erika Jayne, shared with her beloved pet. Erika had earlier expressed how Tiago came into her life to fill a void, and since then, they had been inseparable. However, she had to say goodbye to Tiago in October 2023, and she recently opened up about it. 

Erika Jayne is open to getting another pet

Erika shared earlier how her pet dog, Tiago, was her best friend, as per Bravo TV. Tiago, a Dutch Shepherd, even moved into Erika’s Los Angeles home after she separated from her ex-husband Tom Girardi. Sadly, in October 2023, Erika announced Tiago’s passing. After mourning the loss of her furry companion, she recently hinted at the possibility of welcoming a new addition into her life.

Tiago and Erika had a profound bond, which fans witnessed from time to time in “The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.” When Tiago passed away, Erika expressed her grief over putting down her beloved pet. 

In her words, “I had to euthanize Tiago … It’s just been really sad for me, and it’s been tough.” Additionally, she fondly referred to Tiago as “the best friend a girl could have,” highlighting the deep love they shared. 

In the two-part documentary “Erika Jayne: Bet It All on Blonde,” which premiered on Mar. 6, it was disclosed that Tiago’s death occurred one month following the opening night of Erika’s Las Vegas residency. 

But on a more positive note, Erika is open to welcoming a new pet into her life. However, during a recent interview, she emphasized the timing must be right.

Erika said, “I think that I certainly miss Tiago.” Continuing, she added, “I still promise you, I hear him in this home from time to time, but the timing has to be right, and the dog has to be right.”

Further, she explained, “It has to be the perfect match. No one could ever fill Tiago’s shoes, and that’s not the point, but I think the right dog will come at the right time.”

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