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The Human Dog Bed Is Real

Have you ever felt jealous of your dog’s cozy bed? If so, you’re not alone. But now you can actually do something about your envy, because human dog beds are a thing, and they’re blowing up on social media. Combining style and functionality, these innovative beds are ideal for taking a quick cat nap. We’re going to take a deep dive into the origins of this unique invention, the most prominent model’s launch on “Shark Tank,” and how this unusual (but totally cozy) invention is gaining traction on TikTok.

What is a human dog bed

Human dog beds are compact sleeping spaces for people inspired by the canine version. While there are many varieties of human dog beds, we’re going to focus on Plufl, the most prominent brand of human dog bed. The Plufl is made from mattress-grade orthopedic memory foam. Featuring a 360° pillow bolster, the Plufl offers gentle support to cradle your head and neck. This design eases tension and promotes restorative slumber. What’s more, its ultra-soft cover is machine-washable.

As for materials, the Plufl is made from Oeko-Tex certified 100% polyester plush fabric. The bolster is comprised of polyester cotton stuffing, and the mattress features Certi-Pur orthopedic foam with a gel-infused cooling air memory foam topper. Additionally, the Plufl’s practical foldable design allows for easy storage and transport, with convenient straps included. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Plufl ensures a cozy retreat for humans who want a portable and luxurious sleeping spot.

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A brief history of the Plufl on Shark Tank

The Plufl gained widespread attention when it debuted on the hit television show Shark Tank during Season 14. Entrepreneurs Yuki Kinoshita and Noah Silverman presented their concept to the esteemed panel of investors, showcasing the bed’s unique design and benefits. “If you work like a dog, why not sleep like one?” they pitched.

Sharks Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner were impressed by the innovation and potential market demand. They offered the Plufl creators $200,000 for 20% equity. Kinoshita and Silverman accepted. This successful partnership and the media hype helped propel the Plufl into the mainstream.

Human dog bed goes viral on TikTok

The allure of the human dog bed has captivated audiences beyond the Shark Tank platform. Thanks to the power of social media, particularly TikTok, the Plufl human dog bed became a viral sensation. Videos featuring dog parents snuggling up on the spacious, luxurious surface captured the hearts of social media users worldwide. The viral exposure further cemented the bed’s popularity. Check out just a couple of videos of the Plufl popular on TikTok:

A trend here to stay

The human dog bed is a trend with staying power. With its comfortable design, durable materials, and cozy aesthetics, the Plufl has captured the attention of people seeking an exceptional sleeping experience for themselves. From its inception on Shark Tank to its viral success on TikTok, the human dog bed has proven to be an everyday luxury that people are willing to invest in. Even more surprising than the product itself is that in TikTok videos, dogs now appear to be jealous of their humans’ new sleeping space!

Now that you know all about the human dog bed, read up on everything you need to know about dog beds, including orthopedic varieties. Also, check out the best dog beds for small dogs (which you definitely can’t fit into!).

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