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The Dog Breeds in John Wick

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Several dog breeds play a big part in the fast-paced action thriller movie series John Wick. From kicking off the events of the first film to acting as loyal companions throughout the rest of the franchise, these three dog breeds make a splash on the silver screen.


A Beagle is one of the dog breeds featured in John Wick
(Photo credit: IzaLysonArts / 500px / Getty Images)

A tiny, lovable Beagle puppy is the first dog breed seen in the John Wick series — and part of the plot that kicks off the entire movie. Off-screen, the puppy was played by a Beagle named Andy, who was known to cuddle actor Keanu Reeves between takes.

Beagles are a sweet, lovable small breed dog in the hound group. Their strong noses and loud baying bark made them excellent hunting dogs, originally used to help flush rabbits from their holes. While the Beagle is still a popular hunting dog even today, they’ve also found a place as family pets. Their sweet nature and gentle disposition makes them a great family member around young children. But be warned that once they catch a scent, these dogs will follow it until the end without care.

American Pitbull Terrier

The American Pitbull Terrier is one of the dog breeds featured in John Wick.
(Photo credit: Sebastian Condrea / Getty Images)

Toward the end of the first movie, John Wick finds himself adopting an American Pitbull Terrier puppy. While he doesn’t name it, for fear of it suffering the same fate as his Beagle, they still form a strong bond. “Dog” shows up in the later movies as well as a faithful companion. Off-screen, this lovable pup was played by two equally sweet canine actors, Reeves and Cha Cha.

Pitbulls have a history dating back to 19th century England where they were used as bull-baiting dogs. A large breed dog in the terrier group, they’ve since found a place in the home as a family pet. Their intense loyalty to their families and intelligent nature makes them easily trainable and eager to please. And their outgoing personalities often make them the star of any room they enter.

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is one of the dog breeds featured in John Wick.
(Photo credit: bettphotos / 500px / Getty Images)

The beautiful Belgian Malinois also plays several roles in the third and upcoming fourth John Wick movies. In the third movie, they’re the loyal companions of Sofia Al-Azwar (Halle Berry), performing a variety of stunts throughout the film. A Belgian Malinois will also be appearing in the latest movie as the companion of the mysterious “Mr. Tracker” (Shamier Anderson). The stunts in the movie were done by five different dogs: Boyca, Ikar, Tai, Santana, and Sam 7.

In addition to their abilities as stunt dogs in films, the Belgian Malinois flexes its intelligence in a number of jobs. They’re popular dogs for military and police work, but also fit right as a family pet. This breed also makes a great competition dog in obedience trials, agility, flyball, and other activities that involve lots of leg work and fast thinking. Their loyal natures also make them very protective of the family members closest to them.

These three dog breeds make great companions both on-screen and off. Want to know more about star-studded canines? Check out some of the best movies featuring dogs, as rated by ChatGPT. Or, learn more about a dog-friendly movie theater that recently opened in Thailand.


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