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The Best Food-Themed Dog Names For Your Dog

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dog with donut eyes best food-themed dog names

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Dogs love food. You love food. So it’s no wonder you’re considering food-themed dog names. Whether you’re a foodie looking to rename an adopted fur baby or want to give your new puppy a name inspired by your favorite eats, this list has something appetizing to offer you. From classic names like Pepper and Ginger to more unique choices like Pistachio or Pepper Jack, there’s something here for every type of dog, owner, and edible preference.

Food-themed dog names are incredibly popular — although, according to Rover, “it’s more likely for female dogs to be named after favorite foods than male dogs.”

Not only do food-themed dog names have a fun and playful feel, but they also offer endless opportunities for puns and clever wordplay. So, why settle for a generic name when you can give your dog a name that reflects your personality and interests?

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