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Texas Toddler Guides Family Dogs in Mealtime Prayer

Religious families often start their meals with a prayer. However, it’s pretty odd to see dogs doing the same thing. As per Fox News, three family dogs in Texas engage in prayer before devouring their food. And they do it all under the guidance of a toddler.

The youngest daughter of the Brim family, Alora, has taken the responsibility of feeding the dogs and ensuring they say their prayers. Her mom, Katie Brim, posted a video of her on Instagram that has garnered more than 1.1 million likes. 

The video shows the three-year-old confidently carrying dog food bowls to the back door, where three pups await their meal.

With an endearing command of “say grace,” the girl orchestrates a touching moment as all three pets obediently lie down. Alora carefully places each bowl in front of the attentive canines before signaling the start of their mealtime ritual with a delighted clap. Furthermore, her closing “Amen” cues the dogs to begin their feast.

Dogs trained to wait to eat until after prayers

Katie’s husband, Freddy, shared the origin of their unique dog training approach. He revealed that the idea stemmed from a sketch he had seen depicting dogs covering their snouts in a prayer-like gesture.

He explained, “I wanted them to wait to eat and then get released to eat, kind of a way of establishing that control that will make them wait, and we give them permission to eat.”

According to Freddy, his daughter wants to participate in all the chores. Eventually, she started taking the food bowls to the dogs, imitating her father. Since then, the dog trio — Rosie, Ash, and Maverick — has better embraced the better.

After a while, the girl’s parents realized their daughter was saying “grace” while feeding the canines. 

He jokingly adds that she doesn’t allow him to feed the family pets anymore. Even so, he also stated that she never gives them food without either of her parents present. 

Family consider themselves spiritual

While not identifying as notably religious, Alora’s mother and father emphasized their spiritual inclinations. Katie noted that after she lost their youngest child, Tristan, to SIDS in August 2022, it shifted her perspective on life significantly. 

She further added, “Being present and being grateful for even the small things, like having your dogs that your children love so much … is important to me.”

Meanwhile, Freddy hopes that his young daughter feels proud of herself with each dog feeding session. 

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