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Texas Man Arrested in Illegal Dog Boarding Business

Authorities arrested a Texas man in connection with alleged animal cruelty at an illegal dog boarding business in The Colony. He now faces seven misdemeanor charges.

According to CBS News, 48-year-old David Judelson ran Levia Boarding and Training out of two homes. After a search of the properties, authorities uncovered malnourished dogs. Some of the pups also had Parvo, parasites, and worms. Judelson was told to close the business. Apparently, he didn’t.

Dog parents unaware of previous complaints continued to use Judelson’s services. Dog dad Chris Narimani is one of them. Last month, he entrusted the boarding business with his Husky, Tidus, for a two-week stay.

But when he tried to retrieve Tidus, Narimani couldn’t get ahold of the female owner of the boarding business. No one answered his calls and texts. So, he sent an email instead.

“She responded back to me that my dog, Tidus, had bit her and she was now in the hospital recovering from a surgery and he had escaped,” he said.

Narimani later heard that the woman’s father confessed to letting Tidus out overnight. The dog apparently died from heat exhaustion. After consulting another party, the man allegedly dumped the dead dog’s body in the dumpster.

Pet parent devastated after death of dog

Narimani is understandably devastated by the course of events.

“He was very outgoing, always talkative,” Narimani told CBS News of Tidus. “He always wanted to be around us, always wanted to be playing with my with my other dog. I don’t know how to process this. At first it was mixed emotions and then, all the [sic] sudden, really sad and now I really don’t know what to think.”

Animal Services removed several dogs from the boarding business. Apparently, the owner is cooperating. However, police say the investigation is ongoing and additional charges may result.

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