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Texas Man Arrested in Fatal Dog Attack


Authorities have arrested and charged a 56-year-old man in Longview, Texas, in connection with the deadly death of a man found with dog bite wounds. Martin Gilbert Rodriguez is facing felony charges of an attack by a dog causing death, which, under Texas law, can attract up to a 20-year prison sentence.

According to CBS 19 News, the body of the deceased 46-year-old man was discovered on Feb. 1 in a neighborhood near where Rodriguez lives.

As per the news outlet, Rodriguez has a lengthy criminal record. He has in the last few years faced multiple animal-related charges stemming from his aggressive canines. Longview residents said that Rodriguez’s dogs had been a threat to them for a while.

Court records show that in 2019, authorities arrested Rodriguez on three charges of an animal at large and for failing to vaccinate his canines. In 2021, he served jail time after his dogs attacked a member of the public, causing them serious bodily injury.

Former Longview NAACP president Branden Johnson expressed his frustration about the fatal dog attack, which he believes was preventable.

“Had this happened in Wildwood, with this many complaints against those animals, it would not have gotten to this point,” Johnson stated. “If this had happened in Spring Hill, it would not have gotten to this point. But when it comes to certain neighborhoods, it’s almost like they don’t care, or people don’t give a hoot about us.”

Currently, police have detained Rodriguez at the Greg County Jail on second-degree felony charges.

Why dogs act aggressively

It’s unfortunate that Rodriguez’s dogs developed aggressive tendencies and put people’s safety at risk. However, it is important to remember that the blame should not fall on the canines but on their owner.

Raising a well-mannered dog is every dog owner’s responsibility. More often than not, dogs become aggressive if their owners don’t meet their needs.

Neglecting key dog ownership responsibilities such as training a dog, socializing them, and seeking professional help to address any behavioral issues results in a pet with aggressive tendencies.


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